Reducing the Burden of Holiday Yard Decorating

by admin on November 20, 2010

Christmas is a time to celebrate holiday cheer. Pulling out the holiday yard decorations from the attic and setting them out front is a pure joy for many people. Others simply like to drive around to the biggest Christmas displays and gaze in wonder. Christmas yard decorations serve to bring magic to the hearts of children and celebrate the joy of holiday magic. However, some people do not realize how much work can go into a yard display. Countless cords to untangle, lights to test and nails to drill can become quite burdensome and exhausting. The good news is that there are many intuitive tools which can make the setup easier.

Plastic shingle hooks eliminate the need to take your drill up onto a tall ladder to create pilot holes for nails. Hammering nails on a ladder can be quite a dangerous task. Shingle clips are made from plastic and are designed to slide onto the front edges of your shingles. They grip the shingles firmly yet gently using only pressure. On the opposite end of the shingles is a smaller clip which holds onto a light string. This setup allows you to route a light string across the entire roof of your home in no time flat.

If you are comfortable with sticking adhesive clips to your house, you have another option available to you. Adhesive light clips are a multi-purpose tool which can be used to hang all types of Christmas decor. These clips can attach to anything from stucco to glass. Hang your lighted signs, wreath, or string lights to virtually any surface by applying a bit of pressure. It is recommended that you clean the surface using a damp cloth before application. Companies like 3M make sticky clips which can be removed easily using a tab, and will not damage surfaces.

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