Round bar table for 4 seats

by admin on November 24, 2012

Many modern homes love to have a bar table for the causal drink. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to set up a bar counter at home, these round bar tables provide an affordable alternative. With just some high stool chairs and an eye for a modern bar table design, you can have your very own modern bar counter at home, without all the costs.

Winsome 28 inch black round bar table

winsome round bar tableClick here to buy from Amazon

This gorgeous black round table has a 28 inch surface that comfortably sit 4 bar stool chairs. Great for small houses or small gatherings. In fact, it can even be used as bar tables for trade shows. It is affordable and elegant enough to used in any marketing events that your company might need to attend. Overall, I recommend it because:

  • The black surface is modern and the metallic frame is sleek
  • Doesn’t take up too much space i.e. great as a space saving bar table for small homes
  • Assembly is easy with no hassle or fuss
  • Affordable at less than USD100

Out of the 14 amazon reviews, none has given it a 3 star and below. This really shows how good this black round bar table really is.

Lumisource hydraulic bar table

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If you want something that can be adjustable, then this hydraulic bar table from LumiSource will be what you need. It is modern and sleek, and will complement a contemporary condo or apartment well. The lever on the side makes it easy to adjust the height upwards. However, when using the same lever to push down the table, make you also hold the center of the table. That will make it much easier for you. Do note that it is not adviceable to leave drinks on the table when pushing it down because the probably of spillage is almost certain.

There are some complaints about its packaging. This makes it advantageous to buy from Amazon and any damaged goods can be returned immediately with no questions asked.

How to prevent finger prints on your glass round bar table

A common problem with any glass surface is that we tend to leave lots of finger prints on it. Fortunately, there is any easy solution. All you need to do a lite coat of car wax on the glass surface and there will be no more finger prints! However, that means you should not try to eat anything that has come into contact the car wax to prevent any food poisoning or tummy ache problems.


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