Shelf and backless bra brands

by admin on December 27, 2010

There are plenty of brands online that sell different types of bras. If you want to buy the latest shelf bra, or backless bra, here are a couple of brands you should take into consideration. Danskin now is a nice type of brand. You can find its products online or offline at Walmart. The lowest priced shelf bra tanks you can find at Walmart (online) cost only $7.00. Another nice brand for sexy lingerie is Elegant moments. There are plenty of online shopping sites that sell products from this brand. I’ll mention the following – SeductionExtreme (the prices are pretty low, just 32 dollars) and 2CuteLingerie (about 37.00). Both this shopping sites has online websites where you can buy your favorite sexy lingerie, as well the nicest leather shelf bra available.

There are tons of brands and shopping sites on the internet selling stuff from the bra industry. Just give a search on google products and you can search by brand, price and even by shopping sites.

If you got a backless dress ready for prom, a shelf bra is not an option for this occasion. If your dress is designed brasless, you should be looking for the latest informations on backless bras. The brands and stores mentioned above sell backless bras too, along with shelf bras. Altough shelf bras are designed for erotic games and erotic dancers, backless bras are usually designed for semi formal, yet casual occasions such as proms and dinners. Nothing fancy or erotic about them, but a cool strapless invention.

Warning – if your dress is not designed for a bra, then a backless bra is not good. If you are to fat, or your breasts are to big, having a backless bra underneath your backless dress is not a good decision if you want to feel sexy, yet beautiful.

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