Shopping for A Driveway Alarm Radio Shack And Others Offer

by admin on November 20, 2010

We caught a peeping tom a few nights ago looking into our bedroom window, and at two in the morning having someone staring back at you through your own master suite’s window is an unnerving experience. Of course, a home security system is made to alert you and the police when someone breaks into your house. However, people walking around freely on your property in the middle of the night will require some upgraded technology. I thought of calling our home alarm monitoring company, about upgrading our current system to include exterior movement, but they wanted several thousand dollars to accomplish this sort of option.

I started looking around online and read up on some information about a driveway alarm Radio Shack sells, and decided to investigate further. They were offering the Reporter Wireless Alert System, which was great for letting you know if someone pulls up in your driveway in the middle of the night, or any other time. What I needed was a perimeter defense system. That I could customize to the shape of our land, and be able to add features like external horns, light activators, and strobe lights.

The next product I found that would accomplish this was the Voice Alert System 6, it was the most well matched product for my purposes, as I could add additional wireless sensor and create an invisible fence or web to catch or scare off the idiot that was looking through our window. It would handle several zones, and it could tell me where the breach was coming from within the matrix. It also has relays to attach a switch for turning on exterior floodlights, or that emergency type police or fire department styled light I referred to earlier. If anything I would like them to get just inside the sensors from the driveway alarm system, and then embarrass them with a little shock and awe to send mister nosey on his way.

In all it cost about six hundred dollars, and even let’s us know when expected visitors show up at our front door, like repair men, the cable guy, or when my friend Aaron shows up early Sunday morning for our ride through the forest on our Harley Davidson Fat Boys.

You can get more extravagant with driveway alert systems other than the Voice Alert 6, but it will require a home computer server, and the sensors that will work with their system. However, you can become as advanced as recording video when motion is detected, and yes, there is an app for that, as your iPhone or Blackberry can be alerted when an intrusion occurs.

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