Small apartment storage ideas

by admin on March 21, 2013

There seems to be a growing demand for decor tips on small apartments. For example, my recent article on tips on decorating a small apartment picked up a lot of traffic despite it being a new article. One of the key challenges in any small apartments is of course limited space. This is where smart storage solutions come into play.

In this article, I will continue on what I have started in this article on storage solutions for small apartments. More specifically, I will focus ideas not covered previously so that you know how maximize your limited space.


Idea 1: Hidden furniture for small apartments

Certain furniture are used only when there are guests in the house. For such furniture, it is good if you can store them away so that they take up less space than necessary.  The above example shows how the seats can be stored away under the bench when not in use.  In fact, if you take a closer look at the picture, you will see other neat storage ideas include an extendable dining table and a small home office.

Idea 2: Use ceiling storage

Ceiling storage is a great concept that most small apartment owners failed to take advantage of. Most of the time, the ceiling is a complete waste of space as nothing is stored there. This is a mistake as you can store a lot of things at your ceiling area, including bicycles! Don’t believe me, see the image above to see how it can be done. Of course, make sure that the ceiling storage racks are secured to prevent any accidents from happening.


Idea 3: Raised storage area

Nobody said your small apartment needs to stay as one flat surface. By building a simple platform, say for your bedroom, you are effectively making use of empty room to create more storage area.  The image above shows how this can be elegantly.


Idea 4: Multipurpose furniture for small spaces

Try not to buy one furniture that serves only one purpose as it is an extremely waste of space. Even for space dividers, you should at least use them for additional storage.  If you looked at the above example, you will see how even a bed divider has compartments for storing stuff.

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