Small bathroom wall decor for the modern home

by admin on March 19, 2013

Doing wall decor for small bathroom can be a challenge. Do nothing and the wall looks empty. Do too much and you get a cluttered effect. If you are facing such a challenge, here are some tips and tricks that can allow you do bathroom wall decor without making the place looks smaller than it already is.

In general, the principle here is to do decor that has a functional purpose as well. This is will allow us to reduce other unnecessary items in the small bathroom. By smartly using multipurpose furniture as well as a bit of common sense, you can still have some fun decorating your small bathroom.

Idea 1: Using small bathroom wall storage as decor

The simplest way to do wall decor is to buy some bathroom wall mounted storage that have nice designs like the one shown above.  In this, you are not only creating more storage for your small bathroom but also using the furniture design as a form of decor.  I also loved the fact that the mirror is also a storage wall decor as it complements the sink cabinet below and creates a symmetrical design.


Idea 2: Use colored tiles

Another way for a small bathroom to add some wall decor is to use colored. They come in many forms and designs but would not add too much clutter to the space. It is like stickers for your wall but with nicer designs and finishes. When selecting colored, avoid using them for the entire wall. The best way is to use the perimeter of the walls or to focus on one spot. This again will minimize any clutter effect that might result if too much colored is used. The above image is a good example and you don’t need a bathtub to use the same design concept.


Ideas 3: Small bathroom mirror

Finally, make use of modern mirror designs to give your small bathroom a cool look without over stuffing it. There are cool bathroom mirror designs that will increase the contemporary look of a place. Go for one that has a unique shape as this is the best type of design that will draw wows from your visitors.

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