Small minimalist apartment design

by admin on February 19, 2013

We loved featuring small minimalist apartment design. Due to land constraint, apartments in countries such as Singapore is getting really small. However, that doesn’t mean we should compromise on our living standard. By being creative and smart, we can do a lot of amazing stuff with small apartments. In this article, we will take a look at some minimalist apartment design being applied to small homes.

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Small minimalist apartment idea #1

A very clean and smart layout for a small apartment. Nothing here is more than necessary. A small dining table by the wall. A TV that is placed at the corner. Another small office table under the hanging bed. Everything has been organized in such a way that each small part of the apartment can play a different function. The unifying theme is the color and the use of minimalist furniture. Overall, a very good idea to copy for yourself.


Small minimalist apartment idea #2

A slightly bigger apartment than the first image but still something that you wouldn’t call big. A different colored floor tile act as the divider of space, separating the dining from the living area. Plenty of storage space has been built up using wall mounted storage cabinets. The big windows allow lots of natural light to shine through the house and makes the space feels much bigger.


Small minimalist apartment idea #3

Designed by h2o Architects, this concept builds around maximising the wall space by building everything close to the wall. Using wall the furniture as the divider, a single space can be separated into different functions. The key here is to maximise the central space so that the entire apartment feels big as there is little clutter around. A very bold idea but well executed.



Small minimalist apartment idea #4

Finally, you can use simple things like a curtain or a kitchen island to divide a small apartment without losing the functionality. Never use an actual wall partition as the divider because that just eats up space without giving you any additional features.


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