Small modern beach house designs Part 1

by admin on March 27, 2013

My dream of a perfect home is a modern beach house with a beautiful sea view.  I don’t want big houses as my preference is for a smaller place that is cozy and modern. If this is something that you liked as well, then this article will be what you need as I showcase some of the more beautiful and small modern beach house designs from across the web.

By small, I am usually referring to houses that is less than 700 sq ft. Of course, there is also really tiny houses that are less than 300 sq ft, which are especially common in Asian places such as Japan.  Both types will be showcased here.


15 sqm modern beach house

This is a 15-meter square cabin designed by a bunch of Swedish designers. The design is flexible and meant to be used as either a cabin house, beach house or even an office.  Nothing too complicated is designed but it functions well and can withstand the four seasons.


Inside the cabin, we can see how everything is made of fine wood. The kitchen and dining area is smartly designed to occupy only a single wall space. The vibrant color gave the house a touch of energy and funk.


The bathroom has been designed to face the ocean. It is a great concept that allow the home owner to enjoy the view while taking a shower. If the owner wants privacy, there are shades that can be pulled to cover the glass of the bathroom.

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