Small modern beach house designs Part 2

by admin on April 1, 2013

This is part 2 of our series on featuring small modern beach house designs. You can check out part one here.

In part 2, we are featuring a small house design in Baja.  Created by architect Jorge Garcia, it is a wonderful piece of architectural design that overcomes the challenges of a steep hill area and small space constraint. The location itself possess a breathtaking view of the sea and sun. After looking at these images, it is attempting to move to such a space and retire as early as I can.


Small beach house design in Baja

The house’s exterior design featured dark colored wood, resting on long silts. The design is clean with plenty of glass walls to allow natural light into the beach houses. For a location with such an amazing, these glass walls are a must for the owner to enjoy the full benefit of such a place.


Outside each house, there is small patio area where the owner can sit and enjoy the view. Again, this is to maximize the breathtaking location that the house is situated in. The materials are wooden and are meant to withstand the demands of an outdoor that is prone to strong sunlight and heavy showers.


Just beside the patio area is the door to the bedroom. Featuring roll up blinds that can protect the privacy of the owner or from the strong sunlight when he or she wants to sleep in late.


On the other side of the bedroom is a small dining area. The bathroom can be seen above, with just a room divider to separate that from the bedroom. Notice the storage area in this small space. They are very important to keep things looking nice and tidy. In fact, the smaller the space you have, the more storage solutions you will need.

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