Space age furniture are cool

by admin on March 5, 2013

Since is all about featuring modern home and furniture, we are always on the lookout for some cool stuff to feature here. One of the theme we recently uncovered is space age furniture. For folks who really want to have something that can impress visitors to their modern home, having one or two pieces of them will surely do the trick. Some ideas are at the concept stage but you can find some selling in specialised furniture stores.


Space age table

Coming from the creative minds of Tiffany Roddis, this space age furniture set can be transformed from a working office and desk (object on the right) to a comfortable chair with a side table (object on the left). This design does not only has the appearance of a space age item, but its space saving function is also forward looking as the apartment continues to shrink.


Space age bed

Nice looking space age bed design. The sexy curves and the unique shape is what makes this bed an outstanding concept. However, it is not space saving and is definitely not suitable for small bedrooms.


Space age kitchen island

Known as the Z-Island Kitchen, it is created by the DuPont as a showcase on how the future of kitchen will look like. At the center of this design is the space age kitchen island that features music playing, LCD screen, Internet surfing. The furniture itself can be extended or detracted, depending on your kitchen needs. This is one piece of furniture that I am looking forward to placing in my home.


Space saving bookshelf

A great design by Dutch designerReinier de Jong’s. It is a bookshelf that can be expanded to meet your storage needs. The fully expanded bookshelf looks futuristic and stylish.  It is really clever design and makes for an outstanding piece of furniture in your home.


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