Space saving beds for small rooms

by admin on September 26, 2011

One of our most popular post is about space saving beds ideas. Due to request for more space saving designs, we decided to put together another article that showcase more modern saving spacing beds that you can reference to.  We are looking for more designs to showcase. If you are have other space saving furniture ideas, please submit them to us so that we can showcase the to other reads of this modern furniture blog.

Let’s take a look at some clever space saving beds for small room or small spaces.

Space saving beds for adults

This simple but space saving bed is great for guest rooms as they occupy a very limited floor space. The clever design allows the wall mounted bed to be hidden from plain sight when not in use. The name of this bed is called the flowy bed and can be found at Prices wise, this space saving bed is not as expensive as the other which we have featured here before.

Space saving kids beds

If you want a cute space saving bunk beds for kids, this yellow, green and blue design is a great choice. Featuring two space saving beds, the most most clever design is the storage space that are hidden under the bunk beds.  These spaces can be used to store the kids toys and books, making the room less messy. The price of this set of space saving kids beds is around 1290 Euros and be ordered from

Space saving twin beds

For space saving twin beds, you can’t go wrong with this modern design from Felix. The ‘normal’ mode for this space saving bed system is the single bed. When you require another bed, the clever design allows you to just open wheels and roll on the go to create room for another bed to fold out. You can see the before and after pictures to see how the space saving twin beds work.


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