Space saving beds

by admin on July 31, 2011

Space saving bunk beds are great when you live in a small apartment that has very little usage space. Given that beds occupy a big space, if we can change the way they are used, we can potentially save a lot of space. This is where space saving beds come in.

In the following section, you will see some of the stylish and modern space saving beds that we can find on the Web.

Space saving bunk beds

Clei has produced some cool space saving beds that you can consider. The following model is called the Lollipop and integrates cleverly with the closet system so that it doesn’t take up any space. All you need to do is to touch a button and the bed will fold and unfold. There is no to mess around with any sort of assembling or removal of items.  This can support a single person and can even be used as a sofa if you don’t mind people sitting on your bed!

Space saving sofa beds

If you want a real sofa bed that is space saving, here is a great choice for you. This sofa bunk bed is by Bonbon Trading and is the first sofa bed that I know that can transform into a bunk bed. It comes with the ladder and the safety rails. Hence, you can even use this as space saving beds for kids or little children. The cost for this set is around USD6800.

Space saving beds for kids

For those who are really looking for kids space saving beds, here is a great design by Spanish designer Sergi. In the image below, you will see how the space is cleverly used. The bed functions as both a bed and a sitting space, with plenty of storage capacity below it. If you want more ideas on space saving beds for children, there are more ideas at Sergi’s website.


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