Space saving dining tables that look cool

by admin on February 5, 2013

Traditional dining tables can take a big chunk of space. For small apartments, this can be an issue due to the limited floor space. Fortunately, there is now space saving dining tables for apartments that look modern but has great functionality as well. These small dining tables typically have modular designs that can be hidden or collapsed.  Some even are multipurpose whereby the dining tables can be transformed into other types of furniture.


Minuetto table

Milano furniture has come up with a very beautiful set of furniture designs. One of the item being featured is the minuetto table. This sleek item can transformed from a thin side table to a full dining table for 6 person. Allowing this transformation is the aluminum rails supports the table when it is in the dining mode. If you are looking for a thin extending dining table, this is the table to buy


Skovby space saving dining table

Welcome to the future where every furniture can be packed and unpacked as and when you need it!  This is one of the most amazing design I have seen as the dining table is literally folded into a box that can be stored away.  Called the Skoby SM101 dining table, it is available in different shapes ranging from round, square to rectangle. When in closed form, this table measures only 40x80x73 cm. Perfect for singles who are living in tiny houses.


Cube dining table

Coming from a Japanese designer who knows a thing or two about limited space, this cube dining table is able to compact your dining space into a cube when it is not in use. Perfect for those who don’t use the dining table often or has really limited space to display the typical dining table.


Space saver dining table

If you want something that is easier to unpack, then this concept should work for you. All you need to do to extend your dining table is to push the table out and unpack the stackable dining benches. This idea is a good DIY project for those who are more hands on and who wants a white space saving dining table.

Hope you enjoy these modern space saving dining set.

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