Storage solutions for small spaces

by admin on August 19, 2011

Home decor for small spaces can be quite challenging. At, we understand this pain which is why we are featuring a series of home decor design ideas as well as space spacing furniture for you to reference. The previous articles in this series include bathroom designs for small spaces and kitchen tables for small spaces.

For this article, we are focusing on a wide variety of modular storage solutions for small spaces. This is a wide area because the type of storage solutions are quite varied in nature. Hence, we might not be able to cover all the storage solutions that you want to see.

Small space storage solutions

This interesting coffee table with storage design is called Tandem by Geoffrey Graven. It takes the traditional coffee table storage concept and literally spins it around. With the circular design, user can actually spin the top so that he or she can choose what position is best for them. Such a modular unit is great when you have a small living room, working studio or bedroom. The lower apartments are great for storing all the miscellaneous things such as magazines, files, stationary etc.

Storage solutions for small apartments

This innovative concept takes the idea of a wall decor and combine it with a storage solution that is meant for small apartments. The chessboard like display not only create lots of storage capacity but the design does not take too much space as it is glued to the wall. If you want a unique display shelves for collectibles, this is a great concept design.

Small space storage

If you are a fan of Lego Bricks, this cool lego storage idea will be right for you! These lego bricks are actually storage boxes that can be stacked together, kust like how the real lego works. It is perfect for children’s room as there are many bright colored storage bricks to choose from.

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