Technical Qualities of chaise Lounge Chairs

by admin on January 1, 2011

There are people who are very meticulous when it comes to the cushions or upholstery of the seating furniture they have at home. The chaise lounge chair is just an example of the seating furniture that may be dispensable but somehow people could not do without and is usually carefully regarded and examined for the comfort of the cushion or lack of it.

Not all chaise lounge chairs have cushions. There are chaises that are especially designed to not have cushions because of its specific applications.

First of all, chaise lounge chairs are technically the so called reclined chairs. The back rest of this type of chair is tilted at an angle from the ground so the user will not sit upright on the chair. Instead of bending the knee in a sitting position, chaise lounge chairs have extended apertures so that you can lift your legs and place them in a comfortable position in line with your hips and butt.

Basically the chaise lounge chair offers comfort and relaxation which is why cushions are commonly associated with this type of chair. But beach chaises do not have arm rests and cushions.

Reclined beach chairs are also considered chaise lounge chairs. But they have none of the complexities of a typical chaise lounge chair.

Traditional designs of chaises would usually have intricate embellishments and button tufted upholstery covering the soft cushions. They would also have coordinated throw pillows along the back rest. Clear lounging at night can be accomplished by using clip-on patio lights placed at various locations on the chair.

The contemporary designs of chaises have cleaner lines of the cushions and make use of smoother and practical fabrics giving a sleeker and sophisticated look. The upholstery would usually vary from leather, micro suede or poly-blend fabrics.

The cushion is one of the important factors to check in purchasing chaise lounge chairs. As in many clichés, comfort should come first before style.

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