The Interesting Designs of Retro Bar Stools

by admin on October 16, 2010

There are more homes being built that have some type of counter or island cabinet used in them. This high counter may be in a kitchen area or in a recreation room. These counters are created not only to provide counter space for performing different tasks, but also as additional seating for a room. The type of chairs used with these counters are stools. There are a lot of different types of stools available to choose from that come in many different designs. The retro bar stools are created in a mod fashion after the popular designs of the 1960’s and 70’s.

Most of these bar stools will have a molded plastic chair that will have the seat, arms and back all as one flowing piece. Some styles may have a hole placed in the center of the back to create an interesting look to the chair. The retro chair will be placed on top of traditional metal legs that form the base of the stool. A variation on the molded plastic style will have the plastic continuing down from the chair to the very bottom of the base where a metal platform is used to hold the item on the floor. The elongated version of the plastic stool will usually have a rounded seat resembling the shape of a papasan chair.

There are also many types of stools created as backless bar stools. These can be made with the legs of the base as wood or metal and will have a rounded top surface that is the seat of the stool. The rounded surface on the wooden stools can often be left bare, while the metal designs will have this section padded and covered with material. This basic stool is available in both stationary and swivel designs. It can also be found in a few different heights ranging from eighteen inches to thirty-four inches.

The various swivel bar stools can also be found in retro styles that may use a lot of chrome in the design to enhance the overall shine of the piece. There are also some retro styles using chrome as the base and vivid colors such as hot pink, emerald green and sapphire blue for the seat cover. These funky stools are fashioned after the old style stool found in diners and soda shops from the 1950’s. The various retro designs can add a very interesting and unique appearance to any room they are in.

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