Three Different Types of Balloons

by admin on December 10, 2010

If you’re about to have a party and would like to use birthday balloons as your main decorations, then this article will benefit you as it will explain the 3 types of balloons that you can utilize for your party. Read on and be well informed about the facts as well as the prices of each type of birthday balloon.

1.Ordinary Round balloons – This type is the one that is most commonly used in get-together events; it can have different colors of pastel and neon. You can purchase a 100 piece-box of latex-made balloons for about $10 online and it can even come with some free stuff if you order in big bulk.

2.Long balloons – This is the type of birthday balloons that you can use to create different shapes with. As today’s modern time is keen on balloon art and balloon sculptures, you can use this to brighten up your party. You can buy the 260Q types which are long flexible balloons that are widely used by balloon artists to make all kinds of animals like cobra, camel and dogs. The dog designs are really fun to see as it can be made in the form of a dachshund breed that has a long elongated body; another popular dog creation is the poodle which involves many twists here and there for a really bubbly appearance of a chic poodle. A box containing 100 pieces of this type of balloon can cost about $8 if you purchase it on the internet.

3.Shape balloons – These are the types of balloons that are designed to take the form of the print that they carry. A Bugs Bunny design will be made quite narrow with long floppy ears to accentuate Bugs Bunny’s persona. Likewise, a balloon in Winnie the Pooh character will be big and rounded like the built of the Pooh bear himself. This can cost about $3 per piece if you get the jumbo size of Mylar materials.

Those are the 3 basic types of balloons that you can use in your party; choose the ones that are most applicable to your theme. Or better yet, you can use all the different types and make your celebration a truly magical experience for everyone.

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