Tips for Lighting a Patio

by admin on October 16, 2010

Lighting the patio is very important because it extends the living space of your house and making your outdoor area useful for entertaining guests and visitors. The best way of lighting the patio is to use solar patio lights.

These lights can be purchased mainly in online stores. You can find great deals and designs of these lights plus it is delivered easier to your place without you having to shop and look around in home improvement stores.

These lights can be placed anywhere in the patio depending on where the lights would fit best. However, it should be noted that these lights must be placed in a strategic location such that sunlight would hit the solar panels which are normally attached at the surface of the lights.

For lights that are installed on the ground such as ground stake lights, the solar panels are attached normally at the top of the lights. Most ground stake lights are used to light the garden pathways and thus cast light at an outward and downward direction. This will effectively illuminate the pathway and so the top portion of the light is where the solar panels are placed.

For wall hangings, hanging lanterns and lamp posts, the solar panels are attached in a decorative pattern. Small solar panel pieces are attached at the translucent cover of the light bulbs.

These solar panels actually set the identity of the solar patio lights from all the other lights. They are visible on the surface of the lights whether at the top, at the sides or along the corners of the light bulbs.

Unfortunately however, these lights are not very effective to last throughout the night when you have a cloudy weather.  Since they rely so much on sunlight, if there is not enough sunlight then these lights will not be able to store enough energy. Garden lighting for the backyard uses many of the same components as patio lights, such as solar panels and LED light bulbs.

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