Top 5 backyard landscape design tips for homeowners

by admin on December 17, 2013

There’s nothing like stepping outside on your back porch or deck, looking out at the yard and seeing a beautiful landscape. Yet sometimes, we fail to create one because our budgets are tight and we can’t afford to hire a professional.

If this is the main reason why your backyard is not looking quite as manicured as you would like, the good news is that there are some things that you can do to cultivate a landscape that looks like it came out of a magazine without having to spend the big bucks in order to make it happen.

If you’d like to check out our top five backyard landscape design tips for homeowners, we have them listed for you below:


Do some research. Everything works best if there is a plan, right? It’s no different when it comes to landscaping. Although you may not want to hire a landscaping company to do the work, you still might want to pay them a consulting fee to come, look over your yard and share with you some of their ideas of what will work best. You can also look at websites like Better Homes and Gardens to get some inspiration too.

Get your tools before or after spring. When it comes to saving money on your landscaping tools and equipment, being that so many people like to do this kind of work in the springtime, try and get what you need in the fall or winter. The reason why is because that’s considered to be “off season” for landscaping items which means that you can get them at a cheaper price.

Make sure your grass looks healthy. If your grass looks unhealthy, it’s really not going to matter how many trees and flowers that you put in your backyard. So spend some time really inspecting it. Where you see a few bald spots, plant some seed. Some grass that is great for the backyard in most climates is Bermuda grass.

Think about creating a sitting spot. One thing that companies like¬†Land View Landscape Services¬†have a reputation for is customizing someone’s yard in such a way where it almost looks like an “outdoor room”. If you’re someone who likes to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, you might want to create an area that looks like a sitting spot or meditation space. Some plants that help to create privacy include the Vibernum, the Juniper, the African Boxwood and Bamboo. There are also flowers that can be planted in that specific area. Some of our favorites are Alstroemeria, Aster, Coneflower, Guara and Heuchera. Don’t forget to also speak with a customer sales associate at your local home improvement store about a couple of furniture pieces that would complement that designated area too.

Add a water feature. Finally, something that can make a backyard landscape design complete is to purchase a water feature. Not only does it help to attract natural wildlife but it also provides a very natural calming effect all year long. For more information on water features for your yard, visit HGTV and put “garden water features” in the search field.


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