Top 5 storage and organization tips for your garden shed

by admin on October 24, 2013

If you’re someone who is fortunate enough to have a garden shed, that is awesome because that helps you to not have to rely on your garage or basement to store some of your “outdoor items” such as your lawn and gardening tools, your sporting equipment or your bicycles.

However, a garden shed is only useful if first, you can fit everything that needs to go inside into it and secondly, if you can find all of those items once you do. That’s why we wanted to share with you what we feel are five storage and organization tips for your garden shed below:

Don’t keep what you don’t need. The first thing that we should probably discuss is although a shed is a place to store items, it shouldn’t been seen as a really big trash can where you should toss anything that you don’t want or need inside of. That’s why you should go through all of the items inside of it to see what needs to be thrown away, recycled and donated.

Get some metal storage shelves. So that you can have more room to walk around in, hang some metal shelves up on your wall too. The reason why we recommend metal is because one, wooden shelves tend to become easily damaged by humidity (which could ultimately lead to mold and mildew) and two, the thin slots on metal shelves help the sun to easily shine through.

Add some hooks. When it comes to things like your hoses and even twine and thin wire, you don’t want them to get damaged by laying on the floor. You can avoid this by adding some hooks to the walls. For your hoses, get the kind that are large and that you can easily slant at an angle in order to prevent them from falling off. For smaller items, you can upcycle something like a metal toilet paper holder. If you turn it on its side, it will hold twine and wire perfectly in place.

Build a potting bench. Say that you purchased an¬†Asgard¬†storage shed because you have a bit of a green thumb and you needed a place that would hold all of your gardening tools. Well, the great thing about those particular kinds of sheds is that they come in a variety of sizes; some of which are large enough to even put a potting bench inside. These can be ideal because at the bench, you can prep all of your plants and flowers without making a big mess in the process. Although you could buy one, websites like This Old House and BHG will actually walk you through the steps of how to build a bench. Just go to the site and put “how to build a potting bench” in the search field.

Create a chalkboard wall. If there are things that you plan to do in your front or backyard as it relates to gardening or landscaping, don’t pressure yourself to have to remember all of the details. Create an accent wall made out of chalkboard paint. That way, you can write all of the things that you need to do on it and avoid having little pieces of paper all over your shed. It’ a creative and effective way to stay more organized.


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