Transforming dining table

by admin on February 6, 2013

Our recent article on transforming furniture received an overwhelming positive response from readers. To continue on this theme, we are showing you some more cool multi purpose furniture. This time, we will be focusing more on transforming dining tables as they typically take up the biggest space, besides your bed.

Currently, most space saving dining tables are designed to be stackable or modular so that they can be stored in a more compact manner when not in used. What we are showing here is more towards dining tables that can serve multi purposes so that you can don’t have to waste this piece of furniture when it is not used for eating.


Transforming coffee table to dining table

This design is by Ozzio and is specifically made to serve as either coffee table or dining table.  The design allows the table to be expanded via a number of clever foldable tabletops. You can use how the whole thing works via the image above.

Transforming dining table to a wall painting

This is a very interesting concept. When not in use, your dining table can be transformed into a wall painting. This can be done by simply hooking the table onto the wall via the wall mounted hooks. As can seen from the picture, it is can interesting way to make use of your dining table.


Transforming dining table to chairs

Another interesting concept is to transform a dining table into chairs so that they can be used for multi purpose. You can see how the table above can be folded into elegant modern chairs with just a few simple twist and turns.

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