Transforming Your Landscape with Garden Lights and Lighting

by admin on December 30, 2010

Garden lights and lighting are the perfect way to take your landscape from okay to over the top. Many people think the landscape is something you should only enjoy during the daytime.  However, many people love to sit out with company during the evening hours.  Add some lighting to your landscape so you can enjoy it during those evening hours.  Here are some things to consider.

You can get garden lights and lighting in electric or solar options.  Electric lights require a wire run to any area where you want the lights.  Solar lights need to have at least six to eight hours of sun exposure to light up enough at night.

Many people choose to go with a mixture of these lights to give their landscape illumination. If you have a side of the house that gets very little direct sun, that is the right place to run a wire for electric lights. If you have a sunny side to the house, solar would be a great option for that side.  Remote sections of the yard are also great for solar to minimize the amount of wire you spread throughout the yard.

Where should you position garden lights and lighting? Pathways are a natural choice.  When you or a guest is strolling through the garden or along a sidewalk, it is important to have enough light to see where you are walking.  If you have a specimen plant, an up light on it is beautiful.

Many people choose to put up lights towards the house to highlight architectural features as well. With today’s options, you can string lights just about anywhere you want to go in the yard. Decks are another place for good lighting.  Many choose to place lights along the edge of stairs and even on the posts that line the edge of the deck.

What style of lights should you choose? Outdoor lighting comes in many styles today.  You can get styles that work well with Victorian architecture or some that would look perfect in post-modern garden.  The number of finishes available also gives you ways to take your garden design.

Simple black is a popular choice for many homes.  However, pewter, copper, steel, and wood are also selections to consider. If you want to bring your outdoor spaces to life, consider adding lighting.  You will see your outdoor spaces in a whole new light!

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