Tree branch bookshelf

by admin on February 16, 2012

Check this great list of tree branch bookshelf that we have put together. We are quite impressed by how imaginative furniture designers are as they come up with such great bookshelf designs for any modern home decor.

Let’s look at the different tree branch bookshelf that are currently available for you to buy in the market.


Tree branch bookshelf

Created by French designer, this tree branch bookshelf by Olivier Dolle is wall mounted tree bookshelf. It uses ply wood and oakwood as the base materials. The materials and the design of this bookshelf makes it ideal if you want to add a touch of nature into your modern home decor without growing any plants or trees.

This great tree branch bookshelf is created Sebastian Errazuriz. It uses plywood carving to create the look and feel of a real tree brach. The name of this bookshelf is called ‘metamorphosis 2011‘.


Tree shaped bookshelf

Besides the above design by Olivier Dolle, there are other tree shaped bookshelf that have been recently introduced into the market. The above design was created by Maria Yasko. Beside this design, she actually came up with other tree shaped bookshelf that look just as unique as the above. Check the images below for more bookshelf designs by Maria Yasko.


Tree bookshelf for kids

These modern bookshelves are not for adults. There are some beautifully designed tree bookshelf for kids as well. This one is from WOK media. Its highlight is the fact that the bookshelf really look like a branch, which will be great for kids to play with.  The design however can still serve the function of a bookshelf. Overall, it is a great concept.

If you want something that looks more like traditional bookshelf, this Kostas Syrtariotis created tree bookshelf for kids is another option. With different shelf layers, it allows children to easily shelf their books after they are done with it.

Hope you like this highlight all the different tree bookshelves!

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