Trundle beds for kids

by admin on September 21, 2011

I remembered designing for my child’s room and deciding on what kind of kids beds will be suitable. After looking through the many options including double deck beds, bunk beds etc, I decided to buy trundle beds for kids. I think such beds have very cute designs and they accommodate another person when there is a need to do so. I prefer trundle beds to double deck beds as I think they are safer and are less prone to accidents.

In this article, we will take a look at the different trundle beds for girls and boys.

Trundle beds for girls

This cute and lovely purple trundle beds for girls is made by A P Furniture Industries, which is a sixty years old Canadian furniture company. Its speciality is the wood material which solid and durable. This particular design comes with a 3 side border that makes it safer for kids to sleep in as they don’t have to worry about rolling off the beds and onto the floor. If you are looking for a girls trundle beds, this is a good choice to consider.

Trundle twin beds for kids

This is a rather nice and sleek trundle twin beds for beds. However, the image was gotten from a spam site that reveals nothing about where this trundle bed design can be purchased from. Hence, I have no idea who manufactured this but I wanted to put the image here for the readers to see that there are actually modern trundle beds designs for kids.

Trundle beds for boys

For a blue trundle bed for boys, this design from is quite suitable. It is priced under 300 dollars, thus making it quite affordable as well. The design has been intentionally styled to mimic the architectural design from the olden days.

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