What to do when there is frost build-up on your air conditioning unit

by admin on August 16, 2013

Air conditioner icing is a common problem when it comes to A/C units. If you start to notice frost, or a build up of condensation as a result of frost melting, chances are you have one of many of the problems than can cause air conditioner icing in the first place. Oftentimes, air conditioner frost isn’t a cause for too much concern, but if it becomes a persistent problem, you might need to call a specialist to perform a repair or maintenance on your unit. It could be that all you need to do is change your air conditioner’s filter. Here is what to do when there is frost build-up on your air conditioning unit.

One of the easiest solutions to air conditioner icing is to clean your unit. Chances are that your air conditioner has a number of different parts that need to be cleaned in order to clear the way for better airflow. Half of the time, air conditioners get frosty because there isn’t sufficient airflow. The first place to start is with the condenser coils, which are located just behind the filter. Simply use a light cleaning solution and a rag and you should be able to clear out most of the debris.

Another reason why frost might be building up is because your level of freon – the refrigerant that provides the cooling power in most air conditioners – is drastically low. What can happen is that condenser coils don’t have enough freon to stay liquid, so when they come in contact with the cool air, the coils freeze up. The frost that builds up can make your A/C unit work at a fraction of its efficiency. The best way to test your freon levels is to call a company like Fahrenheit Inc, or any other HVAC specialist, that will carefully test your freon levels using special instruments.

Next, if it doesn’t seem like the freon levels are low and that the unit doesn’t have dirt or debris building up, you might have a broken fan motor. That can be the worst-case scenario – usually because it is expensive to fix fan motors. One way to test this is to run only the fan for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. If it stops or pauses frequently, chances are that you have a motor problem. If the motor isn’t working, the air conditioning unit goes on overdrive. Not only can this cause freezing and frost, but it can cause a number of other problems too. The only solution to this is to replace the motor.

Lastly, if you can’t find the solution, maybe it is time to give your air conditioning unit a rest. Sometimes our air conditioning units simply start malfunctioning. If the unit is over ten years old, chances are you need to install a new unit – or else the problem will keep coming back. If you have a new air conditioning unit, make sure to maintain it and change the filter regularly. One of the best ways to prevent air conditioner icing is to simply take good care of your unit.


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