White and blue kitchen designs

by admin on February 10, 2012

White and blue designs are one of my favorite color themes as they look great for modern home decor. In addition, they can be changed to convey either a futuristic style or a nature sense, depending on what kind of blue you used and what other furniture you are using.

In this article, we will look specifically at white and blue kitchen designs. Here is my favorite collection of white blue kitchen designs.

Modern white and blue kitchen designs

This design use a violet blue that is very modern looking. The curve kitchen island  adds to the contemporary look of the kitchen and also segments the cooking area very nicely. Notice how the breakfast bar is marked separately from the cooking area with the use black kitchen tiles. If you want to look at kitchen islands with breakfast bar, the link will take you to our article on the subject. Overall, a very good white and blue kitchen design concept.

Futuristic white and blue kitchen design

This white and blue kitchen design conveys a more futuristic design with the use of glossy surfaces for its blue kitchen cabinets.  The use of glass chairs and glass dining table complements the glossy surface well. Even the kitchen tiles are glossy in nature.  I like it for its coherent feel and the clever use of electric blue to bring energy and contrast to the kitchen area.

The above image also shows a futuristic blue and white kitchen design, although it looks quite different from the second image. This design didn’t make use of glossy surfaces to bring the futuristic theme. Instead, it uses interest geometry shapes to create a very modern feel. From the use of the chair to the l shaped kitchen cabinets, the unique blend of shapes and clean lines is very nicely done and deserves to be highlighted.

Blue and white kitchen design with clever lighting

The final trick that that I want to highlight is that you can create a white and blue kitchen design without the use of any blue furniture and paint. All you need to do is the use some blue lighting like what is shown above. The effects are akin to a bar so they are quite nice to look at. Anyway, just a food for thought.


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