White corner bookcase

by admin on August 6, 2011

Bookshelves or bookcases are essential storage items that we need. Even though with digital ebook readers such as Kindle, we still love the touch of a book in our hands. That is why we want want beautiful bookcases to display the books in. We have hand picked corner bookcases for this article due to the fact that our apartment is getting smaller and we need to maximise the space that we have.

Corner white bookcase

The following corner bookcase is from the German manufacturer called Kettner. This company is famous for its beautiful book case designs which you can see below. This bookcase features a unique curving design that is suitable to place different kind of items. The materials are plank wood that are taken from the German forest.

If you want a more futuristic design, check out the following design done by a Brazilian. It definitely conveys a very cool and sleek presentation when compared to conventional corner bookcases.

Another very sleek design we have handpicked is called Ariel. It is easy to install and looks great on any colored walls. The bookcase consists of a single rack 25mm size along with a similar rack to create structures that will can surprise visitors. The materials for the corner bookcase are made of solid oak and white powder.

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