Why Wall Mounted Display Cabinets Are Better Than Floor Mounted Ones

by admin on December 8, 2010

When designing a trade show display, there are a million small decisions that must be made. The key to a well designed display is that is will catch the eye of passing attendees and give them enough information to entice them to visit the booth and share their contact information or buy a purchase. Though many of the decisions that must be made are a matter of personal preference, there is one that is not. There are many reasons why wall mounted display cabinets are better for trade shows than those that rest on the floor. Below are just some of the reasons.

With cabinets that are mounted at the wall, you can put more elements of your display at eye level. This ensures that they are far more likely to be noticed than those that are placed below the waist. Whether you are showing off your product, some promotional materials, or customer testimonials, putting them at eye level is a trick that has been used to great advantage in stores for years.

They enable you to maximize your use of space in a booth. When you are at a trade show, you are typically given a rather small amount of space in which your display may be set up. Confining everything that you need to present into this display can be difficult, especially if there are tables, chairs and cabinets that all need to share floor space. By mounting your cabinets on the wall, you will not be devoting your limited amount of floor space to storage. They can be placed over tables, other cabinets or other features of your booth to get the most use out of the area that you have.

For companies that attend trade shows, finding ways to maximize their use of space and create a more easy to read booth are the keys to success. Wall mounted display cabinets can help you succeed on both of those fronts.

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