Your Walk in Shower Options

by admin on December 26, 2010

While the bathtub held the premier spot in most homes for centuries they are fast going the way of the gas guzzling power car and balanced budget. The simple fact is that not only do most people have very little time to indulge in a bath the advancements in showers has come to the point that they are more spa like then shower like. Not too many years ago the only place you really saw a walk in shower was in public gyms, schools and military bases. Now most new homes are built with a walk in showers instead of bathtubs and the public is responding with the desire for more features instead of returning to the old bathtub.

When you are ready to install a new walk in shower the first consideration has to be size. The bathroom in most homes is not very large so you will have only the space available left by your old shower or tub. Take careful measurements before you buy walk in showers because buying one too large or two small will cause you major structural challenges when you are installing the shower. The next consideration is the material the unit is made of. The most common, and probably least expensive, are ceramic tile showers. The major problem with these is that the grouting that holds the tiles together will slowly break down and allow leaks and cause mold build up. To avoid this potential problem many people choose fiberglass or acrylic shower pans. You can use this material for just the pan or have the entire shower made of them.

Finally you will have to select features. The amount you spend will depend on the material used and the size of the shower but the features included will also greatly affect the final cost. Luxury showers have a contoured seat, massaging shower head, steam bath function, and possibly even a radio or LCD television screen. The more features you add the better your shower experience will be but the more you will pay.

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