Zebra Rug For a Teen Bedroom or For You

by admin on November 11, 2010

A zebra rug – that’s what your teen just told you she wants in her bedroom. Not to worry though, animal prints are in fashion. Whether you are shopping online or at your favorite department store, finding a leopard or zebra rug and other accessories will be a snap.

Pillows, drapery, bedding and floor coverings can be found in multiple animal prints in natural coloring, or even in brightly colored pink, neon green and sky blue colors. The lamp shade aisle offers up a selection of shades in all styles and sizes in a variety of animal prints as well. Mixing and matching patterns and colors makes it easy to create a look unique to every teen. Customized wall hangings and accessories using printed throws and drapes can be as simple as dyeing a zebra print flat sheet in your favorite color, then letting your imagination go. Not only are all these colors funky for a rug, they don’t show dirt and dust like a plain black or white rug.

Animal prints aren’t just for teen bedrooms. Craft stores are carrying Do-It-Yourself kits to make wraps, throws, and even messenger bags, in cheetah and zebra prints. Sherpa lined zebra or leopard print coats with a matching scarf are being worn by trend setters on TV and in fashion magazines. A love affair with all things animal print seems to have hit the rich and famous. Purses and handbags, hats and gloves, even dog carriers and puppy beds can be found layered with colorful leopard and cheetah spots.

These brightly colored prints can also be found in the clothing section for teens and children, as well as at the costume jewelry counter. Earrings and bangle bracelets can be found in the pages of Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Leather belts and leather boots in vibrant hues provide eye-catching accents for any wardrobe.

Turning your teen’s bedroom into a private safari, filled with colorful zebra rugs, leopard print bedding or cheetah spotted picture frames will be easier than you think. Fashion trends come and go, but animal prints never really seem to go out of style. The fabrics and colors and decorative uses may change through the years, but fashion’s love affair with animal prints is never ending. Whether in clothing, home décor or fashion accessories zebra, leopard, and cheetah come back year after year.

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